Wednesday, 23 May 2018

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***** Madilyn Benrubi
June 1, 2018

Neil Killion’s fascinating book presents an entirely new way of looking at relationships. A unique and scientifically-based theory of compatibility, you’ll read about how the Life Cycles Theory of Confluence works. The biographical stories of famous people and historical figures peppered throughout the book as examples are compelling. They provide strong evidence that all types of relationships: romantic couples, families, friends and enemies, follow a system of overlapping cycles. It’s very interesting to see how precisely “Confluence”, “Windows of Opportunity”, and “Fated Relationships” have worked in the lives of those analyzed. Viewing Life Cycles through the lens of history and current events puts the concept into perspective, and you can easily see how this theory of compatibility can work in your own life. Looking back at my own relationships, it was uncanny to see how well Confluence had applied.

The author’s writing style is engaging and entertaining. He has extensively researched his subjects and uncovered little known facts and fun trivia; his dedication to historical accuracy is evident. I highly recommend this book. It will change forever the way you look at relationships.

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