Friday, 25 May 2018

Check out the You Tube Video of some of the famous love stories I'll be covering in Life Cycles - Relationships

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Be the first to read a review of Life Cycles - Relationships. Coming very soon.

Meanwhile here's an excerpt from the Prologue :-


New book Life Cycles - Relationships, by psychologist Neil Killion, shows how success in both romance and careers is tied to a 12 year cycle.

Summary/Description - Neil Killion is the pioneer and author of a brand new theory of life in 12 year cycles using only biographical data and NOT related to the occult. World famous love stories, families, friendships and business relationships will be used to prove that “Confluence” spells success in life. Incredible results show a near 100% match in many examples; everyone from Antony & Cleopatra to William & Catherine (Duke & Duchess of Cambridge), from Marilyn Monroe to Brad Pitt.

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Welcome To Life Cycles Publications

Hi and welcome to the newest addition to the Life Cycles Group. Starting with my newest book "Life Cycles - Relationships" all my publishing will be done through this boutique organisation. I will have details of the  book launch very shortly, although I don't immediately plan to sell the book through this site. I will, however, be providing you with all relevant information to do with this unique project. It will be a brand new way to evaluate and understand all your important relationships. You cannot afford to miss out on my evidence-based theory, as it is the only thoroughly tested model in use. Stay tuned for more........