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These are the three books in the Life Cycles Series so far.

1. Life Cycles - Relationships (2018)
This book will revolutionise how we look at all types of relationships. You can get it through both Amazon and Book Depository as well as a range of other outlets. Just hit the link buttons at the right.
2. The Life Cycles Revolution (2013)
This is the definitive text on "Life Cycles Theory" and is the only book to cover all aspects of the Full Theory, which is more revolutionary than anything ever put forward about lives. You can get it either through Amazon or as an ebook through Web-e-Books.
3. Life Cycles (2008)
This is the original book, which began it all and asked you the "big question", "Take the journey of a lifetime"/"Your own and everyone else's". It is available through Amazon both as a book and through Kindle, as an eBook. Solve the riddle of the train if you can. 

All three books have received the highest critical praise for authenticity, uniqueness and style. See for yourselves:- 
"Are we really the same person we were twelve years ago? Life Cycles: Take the Journey of a Lifetime...Your Own and Everyone Else's offers author Neil Killion's idea that humanity has a tendency to live its life in simple, repeating twelve year cycles. Taking notes from the lives of many cases, Killion backs his potential idea up well with his evidence, and hopes to open new insight in one's own life. Life Cycles is an utterly fascinating read, highly recommended."
William S Burroughs - MidWest Book Review - Finalist Best New Age Non-Fiction

"...His background in psychology and management consulting affords him keen insight into human behavior. The Life Cycles Revolution is a follow-up to Killion’s first best-selling book Life Cycles. This book is extraordinary. Reading it has the capacity to change someone's life completely. It is highly recommended for anyone who questions the purpose of life and seeks to explore all options."
Danita Dyess - Readers Favorite - Winner Silver Medal in Philosophy/Religion

“An exceptionally written thought provoking and illuminating book. A brilliant and inspiring odyssey into the human psyche that will maximize your potential for successful interpersonal relationships. A must read for those who seek to find the path to their desired destination in life.”
A 5 star rating of Life Cycles - Relationships on Amazon from JT's Book Club

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